Elevé believes that every dancer is unique and what they wear should be a representation of their personality.  As dancers, we spend all day in front of the mirror perfecting our line, rehearsing choreography, and trying to stand out. When we step into the studio, we want to look our best, we want to be individuals.

Lisa Choules, a former Ballet West and Kansas City Ballet dancer, had started a quest for great fitting dance wear after the birth of her second child. She was back in shape, rehearsing hard and was ready for something new to wear. Being on the tall side, with a long torso, finding a leotard that fit well was challenging.  After an unsuccessful search Lisa Choules decided to try making her own. "I was already making coverups and skirts so why not leotards?" said Lisa. A leotard that fit, didn’t bubble out in the back, and stayed where it needed to stay. The best part for Lisa was she could add patterns and colors that weren’t typically available in the stores.

It's easy to feel uncertain in such a demanding career. Rehearsal clothing shouldn't add to those insecurities. Eleve's goal is to not only give dancers clothing that is comfortable and stylish, but also give them the confidence to dance and look their best. Have fun, be creative, and let your inner designer emerge. Wear Elevé and you will get noticed!