The Gabie's Boutique Story

A dance apparel tradition built by three generations of mothers and daughters

In the spring of 1979, the mother/daughter team of Gisela and Gabie took their passion for helping others and opened Gabie's Sports Boutique, selling dance apparel and sportwear. In the beginning the store served the needs of dancers, gymnastics, skaters, aerobics, and runners in a small, cozy 300 square foot space, down "the stairs" on Davis Drive. Within a few years they focused on their passions of dance, gymnastics and skating. Gabie came out of high school, having been a gymnast and track star, dreaming of being a teacher.  

At the time teachers were being laid off and no one was hiring so she held off. Gisela, after staying home to raise her three children, was looking to get back into the work force. She was tired of having to make trips to the city for gymnastics and skating apparel. An idea was sprung and after talking it over the mother/daughter duo quickly got to work.  

Gisela recalls "you have to remember back then Newmarket was a small town, maybe 15,000 people. I believe when we opened our doors there was only one dance studio in Newmarket run by Heather Hill." There wasn't a lot of choice of retail space and the location at Davis Drive was not only close to Gisela's Newmarket home but was also in the same plaza as Persechini Fitness. 

A growing expertise in dancewear and dance shoe fitting

The new millennium brought a new location, the retirement of Gisela, and further honing in on Gabie's niche and expertise... apparel for dance and gymnastics! The store moved to a larger 1,000 square foot location on Main Street. Gabie’s became devoted to making little girls’ dreams come true by fitting them with their first pair of ballet shoes, making big girls’ dreams come true fitting them with their first pair of Pointe shoes, and making adults’ childhood dreams come true fitting them for their first pair of dance shoes. Gabie's really grew into their expertise in over the 10 years spent on Main.

A new experience in shopping for dance apparel and dance shoes

2009 marked a big milestone as Gabie's Boutique celebrated 30 years in business and moved into their new 3,000 square foot home at 18075 Leslie Street. Here they were able to expand into everything a dancer could want or need while ensuring the service and expertise customers had come to know was still alive and the family tradition continued. Amy, Gabie's oldest daughter, became the manager, once again bringing back the mother/daughter partnership. Passion, knowledge, and helping others runs in the family!

Growing with dancers in Newmarket, Ontario and surrounding areas

Now as we start our 4th decade we are so proud to have been a part of the Newmarket community for over 40 years. We have watched little girls take their first dance steps, complete their first exam, advance to the competition team, go En Pointe for the first time, and audition for a company or school. As their life goes on and they retire from dance it is always great to see them come back, but this time with their children who are taking their first dance class. Being part of a community for so long lets us see familiar faces again.

Third generation dancers are now accompanied by their grandmothers, who first brought in their own little dancer so many years before.  We get to be a part of this very special memory as a new generation receives their first pair of dance shoes.

We hope that those who have been a part of our past will continue to be part of our future as they continue to dance, and then pass on their passion to their children. And we invite those of you who are just beginning your dance journey to share it with us and we promise in return to share our knowledge, our passion and our expertise with you.

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