Dancewear Sizing FAQ

Question: "I purchased a bodysuit for my daughter and the tag shows the letter “I”, what does this mean?" 

We hear this a lot! In this situation the letter  "I" stands for "INTERMEDIATE" which is a 6x-7. On tags of your dancewear products you may see a letter instead of a number. This number is equivalent to a size:

Bodysuit Sizing

KIDS: Toddler (T) = 2-4, Small (S) = 4-6, Intermediate (I) = 6x-7, Medium (M) = 8-10, Large (L) = 12-14  Children XL (XL) = 14-16

ADULT: (P or XS) is Petite or Adult XSmall. Then Adult Small, Medium, Large, XLarge. 

Please note this just a generic size range and to ensure the right size for your dancer we recommend using the height and weight chart. 

Question: "My daughter needs new ballet shoes. She is a size 6 in a street shoe, what size does she need?"

Great Question! Dance shoe sizing varies depending on the style and brand of shoe. In some instances we have to go up two sizes (Capezio Hanami 2037), and in others we have to go down two sizes (So Danca SD-60). Other factors come into play, like the width of the foot which is why we recommend trying shoes on in store with a fitter. We do shoe fittings at both locations.

Question: "How do you fit dance shoes? I can not bring my daughter in for a shoe fitting, can I do a "at home" fitting with her?" 

Yes! You have 14 days for return, exchange or store credit. You can try the shoes on your dancer at home to check for fit. If shoes come back they have to be unworn to class, no wear on the shoes in the box with the receipt. 

A few things come into factor before we decide how to fit a dancer's shoe. First, we ask the dancer's studio and inquire if they are in a competitive program or need the shoe for an exam. In this instance we like to fit the shoe in an exact fit with little to no growing room as this is especially important for exams. In the instances we fit growing dancers who outgrew their previous shoe, we leave a thumbs pinch of room at the front of the shoe. Leather shoes such as Ballet and Jazz stretch about half to three quarters of a size by themselves, and the thumb pinch we leave is an extra half size of growing room. 

In character shoes, tap shoes and pedini's we will always fit with little to no growing room for safety of the dancer. We recommend starting with the street shoe size of the dancer, or most half size up. 

Pointe Shoe Fittings are by appointment and require a trained fitter to be present.