Why do we love Energetiks?
Their incredible fabrics, Amazing designs, Quality, and that they are a female owned business just like us!

From humble origins beginning with a small storefront in Melbourne, Victoria in 1988 Energetiks has steadily grown into Australia’s leading dancewear brand trusted by dancers worldwide. Guided by the vision of founders Gail Gardiner, Lynda Chapman and Karen Tsonidis, Energetiks' unwavering passion and commitment to empower dancers to live well and perform well has shaped the company into the internationally recognized brand it is today.

Gail and Lynda are sisters, and started dancing together when they were young. Gail met Karen at primary school, and by grade six the two were best friends. Gail developed a passion for teaching ballet, while Lynda continued to study intensively until a hip injury requiring surgery forced her to stop training. Karen had joined a performance group and toured throughout Australia performing with renowned Australian artists.

Gail was working as an accountant and still teaching classical ballet part time when she founded the first Energetiks store. Short on capital, she recalls visiting several banks to apply for finance. Gail and Lynda’s own father outfitted the entire store and built all the furniture and fixtures. Against all the odds, Energetiks was officially open for business and was an instant success. Where did the name Energetiks came from? “My senior ballet students and I came up with the name during a discussion in class,” Gail says. She wanted it to represent the energy of dance. The ‘k’ actually represents kinetics and movement.”

Karen was studying business commerce and coordinating a sales team at Nestlé when she became pregnant with her first child, Michael, and decided to work part time at Energetiks. Lynda was only fourteen and still at secondary school when she joined the team. She continued to work there even as she went on to study nutrition and dietetics at university. 

The combination of high rent and low profit margins was putting a strain on the business. This low point was the catalyst that inspired them to commence the manufacturing of their own Energetiks garment line. Lynda and Karen officially bought in to the company, and they moved forwards in an equal partnership as co-CEOs.

It was imperative to Gail, Karen and Lynda that the Energetiks brand reflected their vision. “We focused on ensuring that our designs and fits suited every dancer, from the novice to the professional,” says Lynda. As the business grew they expanded their styles to include innovative new designs using cutting-edge performance fabrics.

A trio of female CEOs is unconventional, but it works. “Having three of us is a huge benefit,” says Karen. “We all bring different attributes to the company, each of us specializing in what we do best, supporting each other within our areas of expertise.” “It’s never been about us,” says Gail. “It’s about the dancers, the people who work for us, and the industry. We genuinely care, and we strive to make a difference. This, coupled with our initial vision thirty years ago, is who we are and what we live by.”