Rhythm Jewellery: Made in Canada Dance Jewellery Created by Artists for Artists


Tasha, founder and goldsmith at Rhythm Jewellery, grew up an imaginative and creative kid. At 15, she began working in a local jewellery store learning the ins and outs of diamonds, gemstones and fine jewellery.  Graduating with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Goldsmithing and Jewelry Arts as well as an Associate of Applied Science Degree in in 3D Jewelry Design and Production she has since worked as a bench jeweller, training under multiple goldsmiths in various disciplines, with the majority of her career being in fine jewellery repair, diamond jewellery and engagement ring manufacturing.

A few years ago it was brought to her attention by some dancer friends how little jewellery was available on the market that represented the lifestyle of serious professional dancers. If dance is your life and you have spent years training and practicing, there should be an option available other than jewellery designed for five year old ballerinas shouldn’t there? 

Tasha not only wanted to reflect the passion of dancers but wanted to create a line of jewellery that was high quality, hand crafted and timeless. Made from precious metal in small hand finished batches, her work is meant to be a true reflection on the outside of how you feel on the inside. 

At Rhythm Jewellery they understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into perfecting one’s craft. Just like a dancer perfects every movement, they consider every angle of every piece that leaves their studio and Rhythm Jewellery strives to create something that is intimate and everlasting. They pride themselves on creating luxury high quality jewellery that is available for an affordable price.