Girl Power Sport

Girl Power Begins July 4, 2015!  As a mompreneur, I wanted to create a company that encourages girls to be strong, active and goal driven.  I was born with a heart defect that limited my activity level.  After a number of heart surgeries, I set a goal to have an active lifestyle.  So far, I have beat the odds and have run 26 marathons and three 50k's.  I am currently training for my first 50 miler. I want my children to learn the importance of hard work and perseverance on the field as an athlete as well as all aspects of their lives. I have used coaching as a way to encourage and impart the things I have learned that ultimately, you can overcome the odds. Through dance, gymnastics and sports, girls learn to be assertive, work as a team and test their abilities and strength. In the words of Shalane Flanagan, "Keep your head up, keep your heart strong," I want girls who wear my products to feel pride, feel assertive, feel the sense of team and above all, feel they can beat the odds while maintaining a sense of kindness for others.

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to take the passion I have had in discovering and building out lines of children’s and women’s clothing and active-wear for large department stores and create a line of girls sportswear that is ecologically sound and equally socially aware. Moreover, I wanted to create a brand that empowers girls to be their best and test their limits. I also wanted to create a fit that moves with the body and allows each girl to shine in her own sense of style. Our fabrics are bold, trend driven and inspiring.  Our active wear is of the highest quality and designed and hand sewn in Washington state. Through Girl Power Sport, we have expanded to girls athletic apparel that can take you on and off the field. You can now listen to our story on podcast Girl Power Sport Podcast

Finally, Girl Power also means changing the world through kindness and giving back to the society that allows them to compete. Many companies say they are socially aware and where we differ is our promise that we will always give at least $1 to charity with each item that is sold. All of the charities we work with share our belief in molding strong, courageous and kind young women.  

Live to your full potential and test your limits!  Girl Power Sport thanks you for your support!

Lisa and Girl Power Team