Destira Gymnastics Apparel

Destira is a small business too, and our customers are at the heart of all we do. 

This is us; a mom and her two (former) gymnast daughters.  We’re moms working together to create durable and affordable styles that make athletes feel great.  

Destira: a family- and women-owned business.

Destira began when as kids we needed fashionable, comfortable leotards for practice, so Mom sewed them at home for us. And then she sewed leotards for our friends, and then for their friends too.

We know the gymnast, the gym mom, the gym coach, and the gym owner better than most. Gymnastics is who we are, and we’ve put our passion into our products and services, for you and our entire community.

Our team is a group of amazing people ready to service you and this gymnastics community.

Donna Levy, founder of Destira, started sewing gymnastics leotards with her own two hands for her three gymnasts daughters 30 years ago. She was inspired to create the most comfortable and fashionable leotards for her daughters and their friends. At her core, she loves to design and create.

“When I started the company I was hoping to be able to take my family on vacation. Now I feel so privileged and humbled to make larger impacts than I ever thought possible. It’s truly been a fulfillment of the American dream to build this company with two of my daughters, Jen and Jodi.  Together, with you, we’re able to live our mission every day to empower and inspire all girls, and we’re committed to continue to do this as long as we can!” Donna Levy, Founder