Bloch Dancewear & Bloch Dance Shoes

Celebrating 90 Years of Dance 

From humble beginnings in a Sydney workshop in 1932, Bloch was born. Jacob Bloch made his first ballet shoes in his candlelit workshop located above his store. He made one pair of shoes, for one customer at a time, to order. That core competency and artisanal flair, together with the philosophy of listening to dancers, has been the vital essence of the company’s mission for 90 years.

Today, Bloch is the world’s leading provider of technical dance footwear and apparel. And they still make all their pointe shoes by hand. Led by David Wilkenfeld, Jacob’s grandson, they continue the tradition of listening to dancers, understanding what they want and what they need, working one-on-one with professional dancers to drive innovation in the industry forward. As a result, Bloch has built a track record for delivering both high quality and break-through innovation.