Gabie's Top Ten Competition Essentials

Gabie's Top Ten Competition Essentials


FH2's 2in1 Lash & Dance Adhesive Liner

Let’s all reminisce together of previous competition seasons and the changeroom horrors; you are in the middle of doing your makeup, you just created this beautiful eye look, you had the sharpest eyeliner wing anyone has ever seen, but then it was time to apply the false lashes. You thought you squeezed just a little lash glue out of the tube and all of a sudden the glue seems to be everywhere but on the lash! Your hands are sticky with eyelash glue, your eye makeup is ruined and the panic hits, did you get lash glue on your costume? I'm not sure about you but nobody ever told me eyelash glue was difficult to apply until it was to little to late, so I am here to warn you.

Let's both agree that this is a moment neither of us want to relive from past performances, so let us introduce you to FH2's 2in1 Lash & Dance Adhesive Liner. In short, this is your lash adhesive and eyeliner all in one pen! Use the felt-tip pen to draw your line, then apply your false lashes directly to the line instantly. Not only does this speed up the process of our makeup, but we no longer have to deal with sticky fingers from our eyelash glue. 




Face Off Cloth

Now I ask you to reflect on another past competition memory, similarly in regards to messy competition makeup. After a long day of competing we are tired and our competition makeup is starting to feel heavy. We head back to our hotel bathroom, grab the cleanest and whitest towel you can find (because of course they are always white) and wash your makeup off with the hotel towel. We both know where I am heading with this, and let’s just say after we remove our makeup that towel is not as white as it was before, and truth be told it may never be that white again. 

Ideal for late nights at hotel rooms and post-competition car rides home the Face Off Cloth is a reusable soft cloth, specially designed to remove all eye and face makeup with just water! Before you leave the competition venue, rinse the cloth in warm water, squeeze the excess and start wiping away! Their secret? Unique ultra thin fibers that lift dirt, impurities and eliminate the need for soap. It's machine washable and should be replaced within 3 months. Talk about sustainability!  



Covet Rosin Spray

As cleaning up our messes seems to be the trend, I now speak directly to my pointe dancers. For most of us, whether it be in class or on stage, we have all lined up, dipped the platforms of our pointe shoes in the rock of rosin leaving a trace of powder on the floor, rosin can be messy! 

Introducing the Covet Rosin Spray, intended to reduce slipping, but without the mess. Add a pump or two of spray to the soles of your shoe and the tip of your pointe shoe to increase traction against the stage or dance floor. 

For your safety, please confirm with your teacher or dance competition event coordinator that rosin is acceptable for the competition stage floor as all stages are different. 




Covet #DancerProblems Kit

Enough about reminiscing about your past dancer problems, we do not want to remember the last minute costume malfunction backstage before our dance, or the fly aways coming in front of our face because we forgot our hairspray. Let us instead talk about how to fix our dancer problems. Whether you're a first time competition dancer, or you have been competing for years there is always that one item you forget to pack with you on the road for competition. But do not sweat (unless you are just coming off the stage, then sweating is appropriate) it happens to the best of us! 

The Covet #DancerProblems Kit is said to “be the perfect solution for everyday emergencies dancers face during practice and performance”. It comes with a sewing kit for costume malfunctions, hot/cold pack for injuries, nail file, mini hair spray, lip balm, band-aids and hair ties. 





Covet Backstage Balm

Between hair spray, hair gel, bobby pins, hair nets, elastics, bun builders and bun pins we have so much going on in our hair at dance competitions to ensure we have a secure bun. With all of this work we still have those “bad hair days”, nothing is staying and hair is all over the place no matter how much we pin it. We have a product that will keep your hair out of your face while on stage and as a bonus is sure to distract us from our bad hair days. 

The Covet Backstage Balm is “an amazing cream that no dance bag should be without! Keep it handy at performance time and use it to tame those fly-away hairs and keep your bun nice and neat.” An added bonus to this balm is that it can be used on the skin as well.  “The Backstage Balm moisturizes skin & soothes cracking cuticles, peeling heels, and rough elbows for instant relief from dryness. Massage into cuticles to prevent dry nail beds.” Keeping my hair in place and is moisturizing and hydrating? I'm sold.




Bloch Bun Kit

Although we just discussed how to keep our hair out of our face with a gel balm, let’s talk about some other hair essentials we need for not only competition season, but for everyday dance class! In order to help us make the perfect ballet bun we use our bobby pins, bun builders, bun pins, hair nets and hair elastics. Besides creating the bun itself, finding hair accessories that match not only our hair, but each other in shade, can become difficult. You find blonde hair pins just to find out the blonde hair nets are sold out. Typical!

A staple item in my hair accessories bin is the Bloch Bun Kit, it comes with (two) hair nets, (fifteen) 3" hair pins, (ten) 2" hair pins, (six) bobby pins, (four) hair elastics and a how-to guide for the best bun! They come in three different shades; blonde, brunette and brown.

As a bonus, the Bloch Bun kit comes packaged in a cute container that fits perfectly in your caboodle! Perfect for on the road travel! 





Smoothies by Bunheads

As much as it’s not something we all enjoy talking about, it’s a must when it comes to performances on stage with bright lights. Undergarments are nothing to be shy about! Have you ever tried nipple concealers and thought to yourself, are they really concealing or are they drawing attention? We get it.

Smoothies by Bunheads are reusable nipple covers that have a "skin-like finish" which allows for undetectable coverage. The "gradation design prevents that imprint from showing through leotards, costumes or everyday fashion". It's time for you to feel confident in class, on stage and for special occasions! 






 IT Stays

As the top best seller  during competition time trust me when I say you need this! Recognizable as "butt glue", the IT Stays roll-on adhesive not only keeps the bums of leotards in place, but it works great for bra straps, wigs and so much more during competition season. It washes off with water leaving no stain, or you can use quick wet wipes during your quick changes if you want to stay away from any liquid while in your costume. It is pliable and moves with your skin and is so comfortable you'll never know it's there! 

Calling all dance moms and dance sisters! It Stays is more than just a competition essential but is great for strapless tops, low cut tops and to keep down our shorts all year round. There is enough to go around, so the entire family can make use of this product!

We got confirmation the Gabie's Staff still have their butt glue lying around after all these years, it never goes out of style!





Kissed By Glitter Clear Garment Bag

The main secret to competitive organization is garment bags. Regardless if you have one competitive dance, or multiple competitive numbers.

One of Gabie’s biggest recommendations for competition season from us to you is to grab a garment bag for each competitive number you have, (each costume should have its own garment bag). Then write out all requirements for that costume needed (costume itself, tights, dance shoes, hair accessories, makeup requirements, etc) and include this in each garment bag. This way as you pack for competition each garment bag will have all of the required items organized by dance, and you can be rest assured that nothing is forgotten! With the Kissed By Glitter Clear Garment Bags have the bonus of being able to identify the costume right away. They also include a pocket to hold a name tag or song title for easy identification and have larger comparments for all of your costume accessories! 



Extra Tights

The last thing we need to remind you of is that although with proper care our dance tights can last a competition season, they rip. It happens.

The only thing we can do is make sure we are prepared for this scenario and there is a back-up pair ready on scene. We want to avoid being in the circumstance of changing into our costume just hours before we are set to be on stage just to find a rip right down the back of our leggings with no spare pair. With this we highly recommend purchasing backup tights, better safe than sorry! 


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