Pink Friday At Gabie's Boutique - SPIN TO WIN & HOW IT WORKS

Welcome to Gabie's Boutique PINK FRIDAY SALE!

This year Gabie's is introducing a Spin To Win wheel both in store and online: How does Gabie's Spin Wheel VIRTUAL work?

Gabie's Spin Wheel Virtual will have appeared on your homepage within a few seconds of entering Gabie's Website. If you clicked out, or it disappeared before you were able to spin- try on another web browser or a different device to activate it again! The wheel is set for one spin only per browser, which is why it will not show up after re-entering the site on that same browser. Keep in mind an order can be placed only once per family using a discount code from our virtual spin wheel. 

To spin Gabie's Spin Wheel Virtual you must enter your email. This will activate the spin. Keep in mind, an email can only be used once! After spinning you will be presented with a coupon code for the prize you have won. Keep this code handy as you will need to paste this into "DISCOUNTS" when you checkout. The code does NOT apply automatically. Your code will appear at the bottom of the screen on a banner for you to remember, your discount code will also be sent to your email if you need to comeback later.


Gabie's Spin Wheel is limited to 1 spin per family

50% Jazz or Tap Shoes - Applicable to one (1) pair of regular priced dance shoes, shoes must be in stock at time of purchase. Please Note Winning 50% OFF Jazz or Tap Shoes discount applies to only one pair of shoe, either (1) pair of Jazz or (1) pair of Tap. Discount will be removed from other shoes if purchasing multiple Tap or Jazz shoes in one purchase. 

Only valid on Friday, November 25th, 2022. Dance shoes can ONLY be exchanged for another size until December, 9th 2022. No other exceptions.

Discount will be taken off at checkout, cannot be combined with other promotions & Pirouette Points cannot be redeemed at the time of purchase.


FREE SHIPPING: Please note at this time we only ship within Canada.

FREE SWAG BAG: Free Swag Bag With Purchase! This is a mystery bag filled with lots of swag! In order to activate this coupon code you will need to add the swag bag to your cart. Click Here To Add To Bag!

50% JAZZ OR TAP SHOES: Take 50% Off Any Jazz or Tap Shoe - Dance shoes can ONLY be exchanged for another size until December, 9th 2022.

***If you plan on placing an order for multiple jazz/tap shoes and have won this discount, please do the shoe you would like discounted in a separate order as this will discount all Tap and Jazz shoes in your cart. This helps us process the order much, much faster as will not have to go about removing discounts from the other Jazz or Tap shoes. We appreciate it. Thank you!

15% FASHION LEOTARDS: Take 15% Off Fashion Leotards- Children or Adult!

10% OFF ORNAMENTS: Take 10% Any Christmas Ornament - These are Final Sale!

20% OFF DANCE BAGS: Take 20% Off Your Favorite Dance Bag!