Gabie's Tutu Day

So what is Tutu Day? It's not just a good excuse to put on your favourite tutu, however it is encouraged, it is a special day celebrated on February 2nd (2.2). Originating in Australia, this day is celebrated by dancers and dance lovers around the world supporting ballet education, the world of ballet, and how it has inspired one of the most iconic and recognizable dancewear items, the classic tutu. Want to learn more about the tutu? Check out this great article we put together with 10 Facts You Might Not Know About the Tutu. 

Here at Gabie's we love everything about Tutu Day, it's one of our favourite holidays, which is why we are super excited and have deemed this year the year of the dancer since it is 2022. Is there anything else cooler then Tutu Day happening in the 22nd year of the 2000's? We don't think so which is why we'll be celebrating from February 2nd to 22nd! Take a peak at all that will be happening. 

We're Tutu Excited! Take Advantage February 2nd to 22nd 2022

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